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Joint Hurricane Team – 2021

The Gulf Inland Waterways Joint Hurricane Team (JHT)  met on May 25, 2021 via WEBINAR.

This meeting was well  attended by Inland Waterways Industry reps, Federal, state, and local officials who are involved in storm prep, response and recovery, and other interested mariners and citizens. We discussed the JHT Protocol, NOAA’s latest season predictions and about their latest tools, USACE and USCG plans for the season, and renewed acquaintances with those who we may be working with this season if storms threaten the Gulf.

Presentations are available for review here:

NWS JHT 2021; NOAA JHT 2021 GICA STARK JHT 2021 ; USACE NOLA JHT 2021 ; CG SEC NOLA JHT 2021 ; CG SEC Mobile JHT 2021 ; USACE Galveston JHT 2021 ; CG SEC Houston JHT 2021 ; LSHSC Hot Wash JHT 2021 ; CG MSU Port Arthur JHT 2021 ; CG SEC Coprus JHT 2021

View GoToWebinar recording of the Meeting:  JHT 2021 Recording

Link to Protocol document: Gulf Inland Waterways JHT Protocol 6.15.21

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