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Joint Hurricane Team – 2022

Please save the date for the annual Gulf Inland Waterways Joint Hurricane Team (JHT) – 2022 Pre-Hurricane Season Planning Session.

GICA will host this meeting at the Port of New Orleans Auditorium from 0900 – 1400 on Thursday, 26 May 2022.   See DRAFT Agenda for further details.

The DRAFT 2022 JHT Protocol is attached for your review.  It has not substantially changed from last year and any edits are primarily formatting.

The biggest change year to year is the point of contact information located in Appendices 1 -7.  Please review the contact information and if changes need to be made, let me know and I will update accordingly.

In addition, a consolidated list if moveable bridges, including location and contact information, was added this year as Appendix 8.

The Protocol is intended to focus on the working relationships, roles, and responsibilities, of the USCG, USACE, NOAA, states and Inland Barge Industry, partnering together, to effectively and expeditiously secure the waterways prior to storm landfall and restore them afterward.

It is not the intent of this Protocol to repeat or supplant specifics of existing USCG and USACE hurricane response plans.

Please review the attached DRAFT Protocol and send me any necessary changes or suggested edits.

Hope to see you in May.

Link to Protocol document: Gulf Inland Waterways JHT Protocol 2022 DRAFT

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