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Resolutions:  2021-2022


The resolutions below represent statements of position on priority items for the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association and commend the efforts of individuals who have contributed by extraordinary measure to the organization. They are updated each year and approved by membership at the annual convention.  The below resolutions were reviewed and approved at the August 2021 Board meeting held at the Westin Hotel concurrently with the 116th Annual Seminar.


 Resolution I

The Association recognizes the continued efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and its own industry members who continue to manage, maintain, and navigate our waterway despite significant challenges posed by storms, various water conditions, aging infrastructure and budget realities. Recognizing the importance of waterways transportation, decision makers must continue to carefully consider professional mariners’ inputs as they craft safety requirements, direct barge traffic safely through shallow waters and direct dredging and infrastructure repairs to improve safety and the efficient flow of commerce.

Resolution II 

The Association continues to endorse ongoing efforts to enact full funding for the Capital Investment Strategy and applauds the efforts of lawmakers who are supporting this initiative to provide for recapitalization of inland waterways infrastructure. Additionally, the Association pleased with changes to the cost share formula for IWTF projects. The Association fully supports a permanent 75/25% formula to help speed need replacement and major rehabilitation projects. The Association will continue efforts to move GIWW studies forward and into the Capital Investment Plan. In particular:

  • IHNC Lock Replacement
  • Bayou Sorrel Lock Replacement
  • Brazos River/Colorado Lock Replacements

Resolution III

The Association again applauds the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TXDoT) continued efforts to improve reliability of the GIWW in Texas. Focusing on choke points to clear traffic backlogs remains right approach. TXDoT’s continued partnering with USACE on studies for the replacement or redesign of the Brazos River Floodgates and Colorado Locks is showing tangible results. The project has now moved to the Preliminary Engineering and Design phase. The Association continues to stand ready to assist and support these forward leaning efforts by TXDoT and USACE.

Resolution IV

The Association again affirms its support for Gulf states’ efforts and plans to restore and protect the coast and looks forward to continued participation in state led working groups planning and executing restoration projects. The Association is pleased to assist and provide input regarding impacts these projects may have on the inland navigation industry. Not only is a resilient coastline vital for the safety and health of coastal communities, but the very existence of the GIWW is reliant on the protection that the coast affords. The value of our waterway cannot be overstated, and its protection should be a shared goal of states working to restore and protect our coastline from further erosion and damage.

Resolution V

The Association reaffirms its responsibility to its members to return a significant service and value for the membership dues and support those members provide. The Association continues to provide its members and the public a useful and vibrant website and will redouble its efforts to identify areas where members expect, or desire, improved value for their membership.

Resolution VI

The Association affirms its continued support for the partnership that GICA continues to foster relative to Intracoastal Waterway management issues, including its lead role in partnering with the US Coast Guard, NOAA and the Corps of Engineers with regard to hurricane and other emergency response needs of shallow draft navigation interests on the Gulf Coast.

Resolution VII

The Association affirms its support for sister waterways associations and organizations focused on the inland waterways industry. GICA recognizes the value of a unified voice in working with these partners on waterways, towboat, and maritime issues. GICA stands with associations such as the Waterways Council, Inc., American Waterways Operators, Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority, Warrior Tombigbee Waterway Association, Texas Waterways Operators Association, Louisiana Association of Waterway Operators and Shipyards, Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association, and others working toward the common goal of efficient, safe, and economical U.S. inland waterborne commerce.

Resolution VIII
The Association welcomes its membership on the Maritime Sector Coordinating Council and looks forward to continuing to represent Gulf region inland waterways and industry on the Council. The Association thanks the MSCC for its help with COVID-19 response and preparedness.

Resolution IX

The Association is encouraged by a recent USACE decision to extend the study period and provide additional funding for completing the IHNC Lock Replacement GRR and refining the critical portions of the study which address transportation and community impact mitigation. The Association stands ready to assist USACE with community outreach to assure strong local support for a new, modern, safer, and more efficient structure can be constructed.

Resolution X

The Association remains disappointed that the Bayou Sorrel Lock replacement study has not yet been restarted. The study continues to await a reexamination of previously incorrectly calculated lock delay data. This project would likely have competed well in the recently developed IWTF Capital Investment Plan. However, continued delay means it has missed another chance at timely approval, authorization, and ultimately, Congressional appropriations.  The Association urges USACE to expeditiously complete work on this study to assure the continued economical and safe operation of the Lock and our waterway.

Resolution XI

The Association would like to recognize and thank Seamen’s Church Institute for providing volunteers to assist in administering and conducting our 116th Annual Seminar.

Resolution XII

The Association expresses its sincere appreciation to our 116th Annual Seminar sponsors. Without their support for our Seminar, and our year-round Association activities, our waterway would not be as safe, efficient, and effective as it is.



  • American Commercial Barge Lines
  • Buffalo Marine Service, Inc.
  • Calhoun Navigation District, Port of Port Lavaca – Point Comfort
  • Canal Barge Company, Inc.
  • Enterprise Marine Services, LLC
  • Harbor Towing / Star Fleet
  • Kirby Corporation
  • Parker Towing Company, Inc.
  • Port of Houston Authority
  • Southern Towing Company
  • T & T Marine Salvage


  • EMR
  • Florida Marine Transport
  • Genesis Marine, LLC
  • Golding Barge Line
  • Ingram Barge Company
  • Jones Walker, LLP
  • Magnolia Marine Transport Co.
  • Marquette Transportation Company
  • Martin Marine
  • Matagorda County Navigation District #1
  • Port of Bay City Authority
  • Port of Harlingen Authority
  • Port of West Calhoun, West Side Calhoun County Navigation District
  • Turn Services
  • Waterways Council, Inc.


  • Accutrans, Inc
  • Dale’s Welding and Fabricators
  • McDonough Marine Service
  • NGL Marine, LLC
  • Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company


  • John Bludworth Shipyard, LLC
  • Yazoo River Towing, Inc


  • Deloach Marine Services
  • Ingram Barge Company
  • Petro-Chem Services
  • The Hiller Companies
  • Tow Works, LLC
  • Turn Services


Seamen’s Church In

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